Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission is the body responsible for review and approval of the Zoning Regulations in the District of Columbia.  The Commission is made up of five members, three appointed by the DC Mayor, one representing the National Park Service, and one representing the Architect of the Capitol.  For more information on the Zoning Commission please contact the Office of Zoning or visit http://www.dcoz.dc.gov

Zoning Commission's Role in the Zoning Review Process

The Zoning Commission held hearings on the Office of Planning's recommendations for each of the 20 subject areas. The Zoning Commission reviewed the recommendations and provided guidance to OP. Subsequent to receiving this guidance, OP has been preparing draft regulations based on the Commission's guidance.


After OP conducts a set of public outreach meetings in 2012-2013, OP will revise the draft regulations and submit them to the Zoning Commission, who will then schedule a series of public hearings on the draft regulations. These hearings should start sometime after March 2013. The Zoning Commission will decide whether to adopt or modify the draft regulations. The Office of Zoning and the Office of Planning will then work together to codify the regulations into a final cohesive document. 


The official public hearing notices and the record for submission of public comments are maintained by the Office of Zoning. Visit www.dcoz.dc.gov to see public hearing notices, the Zoning Commission's calendar, and to find out how to submit comments for the official record or testify in person.