Retail Strategy

This area examined zoning strategies to to encourage retail development and improve local retail options.  The working group included a focus on supporting and encouraging local, small, and disadvantaged businesses.

Working Group Meetings

Meetings for this subject area were conducted on the following dates:

March 19, 2008
March 26, 2008
April 2, 2008
April 30, 2008

Moving Forward

The final Office of Planning recommendations on Retail Strategy were heard at the Zoning Commission Public Hearing on October 23, 2008. To see a full transcript of the public hearing, you can read the Zoning Commission transcript of case 08-06-5 on their website here. The Zoning Commission provided informal guidance on the Retail Strategy recommendations to the Office of Planning on December 8, 2008. The informal guidance is located in the documents section below.

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General documents (6)
Date Title/Description
09-Dec-2008 Zoning Commission Guidance 12/8/08 - Guidance from the Zoning Commission on the Office of Planning recommendations on Retail and uses.
27-Oct-2008 Public Hearing Powerpoint - The presentation made to the Zoning Commission at the 10/20/08 public hearing.
24-Oct-2008 Public Hearing Report for ZC #08-06-5 - Public Hearing Report for ZC #08-06-5 Proposed Amendments to Zoning Regulations Retail Strategy
08-Sep-2008 Public hearing notice - Retail
10-Oct-2008 Retail Strategy Recommendations - Discusses recommendations to strengthen retail in the District, particularly neighborhood-serving retail, while covering the larger need to update and streamline the existing code-wide use system.
02-Mar-2009 Retail Recommendations - Taskforce Report - This file provides the final report on the retail strategy working group's recommendations that were forwarded to the Zoning Review Taskforce
Meeting # 3 - Preparation (4)
Date Title/Description
01-Apr-2008 Retail Meeting Agenda - 04-02-08
01-Apr-2008 Improvement Area List - Draft
01-Apr-2008 SIC definitions
01-Apr-2008 Meeting # 2 Facilitation Responses
Meeting # 1 - Re-cap (3)
Date Title/Description
24-Mar-2008 Retail Strategy Meeting Summary - 03-18-08
24-Mar-2008 Meeting Notes - 03-19-08
24-Mar-2008 Meeting Power Point Presentation - 03-19-08
Meeting # 1 - Preparation (5)
Date Title/Description
14-Mar-2008 Meeting Agenda - 03-19-08
14-Mar-2008 Comprehensive Plan Retail Related Policy and Action Items
14-Mar-2008 Relevant Commercial Zoning Extracts
14-Mar-2008 General Retail Terms and Definitions
17-Mar-2008 Retail Best Practices - Zoning Tools