Medium/High Density Residential and Mixed Use

The primary focus of the Medium-High Density Working Group was the District’s zoning regulations that govern areas of the District designated as Medium or High Density Residential, or Mixed Use of the same densities, on the Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map. Excluded from this analysis were 1) those sections of the Central Employment Area that have been dealt with in the Downtown Working Group, and 2) areas that are designated as Commercial or Mixed Use and are along the District’s commercial corridors – these were mainly dealt with through the Commercial Corridors Working Group. OP coordinated the efforts of these two Working Groups to handle overlapping issues.

Working Group

Meetings for this subject area were conducted on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 17   Mixed-Use and Regulating Impacts
Tuesday, March 31 Introduction
Tuesday, April 14 Housing Choice
Thursday, April 29 Building Form, Scale and Transitions
Tuesday, June 22* Recommendations & Wrap-up
The fourth working group meeting covered the discussion of building bulk, form, and transitions in combination with the discussion of the same topic in the Commercial Areas working group meeting on April 29. Follow up-information from this meeting, including a PowerPoint presentation, background summaries on the topic areas, interactive display boards, and meeting summary notes are now provided on the DC Zoning Update web-site. This information can be obtained through the following web-link, under the Meeting 3 Documents section:
DC Zoning Update Commercial Areas Web Page.

Moving Forward

Recommendations for Residential Apartment zones (currently R-5 zones) are in the documents section below.

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