Welcome to the new D.C. Zoning Regulations – ZR-16!

Starting in 2007, the Office of Planning led a multi-year public effort, the Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR) process, to review and revise the District's zoning regulations.  The eight year process included numerous Zoning Task Force meetings, ANC and public meetings and open houses, and Zoning Commission meetings and hearings, well over 300 in total.  In addition, the Commission received thousands of pages of public  testimony.  As a result, many of the regulations in the final approved document are not the same as what was first proposed  - we would like to thank the thousands of people who submitted comments, attended public meetings, or attended Zoning Commission hearings to help make this a better document.

This website contains additional information regarding that process, including previous, draft versions of the proposed zoning text. The Documents Center also includes the informative Zoning Commission Order for this case (08-06A).  For the most current information and the final approved version of the new zoning regulations, please refer to the Office of Zoning website, which has the new zoning regulations text, maps, and additional background information.  

You may also wish to visit Zoning DC the OP blog which includes much more information about the Zoning Regulations Review process, as well as summaries of some of the main topics that were discussed through the process – topics like “vehicle parking”, “accessory apartments”, “industrial zones”, “corner stores”, “alley lots”, and “downtown”.

If you need assistance with finding documents or images, please contact zoningupdate@dc.gov.